Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine Review

While you are looking for a valuable espresso machine, it is important to choose a reliable and long lasting espresso makers. Over the past five years, the Rancilio Silvia has provided long lasting values for no matter kitchens, offices or cafes. Known as “Ms. Silvia”, the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine come with a straight outline and attractive design, this stainless steel espresso maker does not only look professional, but also work as a professor. This machine is designed for barista too.

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

The Rancilio Silvia provides stable heat temperature and evenly extraction with its group head. The secret reason why Rancilio Silvia brews such tasty espresso is because of its patented ergonomic 58-millimetre portafilter, which are widely used by other commercial espresso machines produced by Rancilio.



The reservoir has a capacity of two quarts and the water can be filled anytime during to brewing proceed. With the removable reservoir, cleaning up will be an easier job. The articulating steam wand offers a much wider range of motion and the steaming pressures is easy to control by the convenient, professional style steaming knob.

When compared with other same grade available espresso makers, the Rancilio has all the good features. What makes this espresso machine standing out from the others  is its unique design and price. This is a high quality as well as fast brewing espresso machine which you can have coffee as fast as you drink. If you are looking for one espresso maker like this, you shouldn’t miss it. Reviewers on Amazon love this espresso machine is because the steaming wand produces consistent heating temperature, as well as the full range of motion with the articulating wand.

How to Make Best Espresso With Rancilio Silvia



Appearance and Durability

Looks like a tank, Rancilio is appreciated by owners for its durability and appealing design. This is a high quality and durable machine and all parts are built of commercial grade. Additionally, this machine is constructed primarily with stainless steel and cast iron, which are known durable materials. The Rancilio is not one of the smallest machines of the market (The size is 9.2 by 11.4 by 13.4 inches), so make sure you have enough space on your counter top. Meanwhilte, this is also a heavy-duty espresso maker which has a weight of 30 pounds. So it’s not easy to move this machine to often, this machine should take up fair amount of estate of your kitchen for long-run.


As a semi-automatic espresso machine, the Rancilio Silvia is praised by consumers for delivering exceptional espresso. From our test, this espresso maker do brew amazing taste espresso. The Rancilio Silvia filters and distributes the water more evenly with the help of some great features. The heat is stable during the brewing proceed.

The espresso machine come with a large 12 ounce boiler and it is one of the largest boiler in entry-level espresso machines. Warming up will take about 20 minutes and if you want to get best results, you are suggested to run warm water through the machine to warm up the pipes and portafilter. According to the precisely requirement of  Silvia espresso machine, it is necessary to buy a high quality burr coffee grinder to work with it. This idea is also agreed by most of experts and owners.

Rancilio Silvia


Brass Portafilter 

The commercial grad brass portafilter is made of chrome plated brass. With 58mm diameter, the portafilter has large surface for the hot water to penetrate through the coffee grounds which result in best extraction.

12 Oz Single Boiler

You can only brew or steam one drink at a time since the Silvia espresso machine is a single-boiler machine, this may look discouraging at first. However, since the boiler is made out of brass, it will heat up very quickly and evenly.The heat will be distributed equally and the espresso won’t overheat due to the three thermostats will insure sure it doesn’t get too hot. The boiler is steaming at a quick pace and at a formidable 12 oz, this single boiler machine has a lot of room to do so.

Brass Group Head

The brass group head also works for better extraction, as well as provides excellent temperature. Brass is a popular material and it is erosion resistance, which lasts longer with durable quality.

3-way Solenoid Valve

The 3 way Solenoid Vale can avoid too much pressure to build up and it works well on reducing the amount of  splatter and mess. It is also good for avoiding post-brew drip, which stops the coffee grounds from hardening into a puck from being dried out. In this way, there will be less mess for you and less strain on other facets of the machine.

Steam Wand

Come with commercial grad steam wand, the espresso machine delivers abundant steam for milk frothing and also provides hot water for your tea, soup or Americano.

Removable Water Tank

The water reservoir is removable with 67 oz capacity. This is a medium size water reservoir and you can refill the water during operation or take it out to fill it with water. Removable feature make this machine very easy to clean and easy for other regular care.

15 Bar Pump Pressure

The Silvia’s pump is much like the rest of the machine: powerful and efficient. The purpose of a pump is to force water through the coffee grounds to make the best use of the flavor it can provide and the high water pump pressure will force the water to penetrate the coffee grounds rapidly and extract full flavor.

Stainless Steel Constructions

Almost all parts of Rancilio Silvia is made by stainless steel. Stainless steel house, rust resistant steel frame, stainless steel bolts, screws, heating element and only the best  fittings and tubing give this machine a sleek, industrial and functional design.

Cup/Drip Tray and Warmer

The stainless steel drip tray and cup tray are removable and easy to clean. Additionally, a warm surface on the top will help you to warm your cups up and keep the heat of your espresso. Always remember to keep the right temperature of your coffee and this is essential for perfect espresso drinks.




  • Owners of Rancilio Silvia will find this machine is very easy to operate.
  • Large boiler size assure quick heat up and stable brewing temperature, which guarantee best extraction flavor.
  • The boiler and group head is made by chrome plated brass, which is rust resistance and produce stable heat temperature.
  • The 58mm commercial sized portafilter has a large surface to enable best extraction.
  • The steam wand is same with the commercial grade ones and ensure efficient steaming with a wide range of motion
  • Using commercial grade parts in their home machines, Rancilio committed to delivering long lasting machines and this is exactly what they are doing to this machine.



  • This machine does not include a PID temperature control which means there will be fluctuation between low and high temperature.
  • The Rancilio Silvia is very prissy about the coarseness of the coffee ground and the espresso flavor may vary enormously because of this factor.

Some Tips

As a fully professional espresso machine with commercial grade parts, Rancilio Silvia won’t like other cheap ones! Buy a top class espresso machine and a good quality grinder. Experiment with the coarseness of your grind and you will find the excellent body and strength soon!

Sure, you don’t have to follow this solution, but if you’re working hard on making a barista style coffee, then you obviously appreciate good coffee. Don’t let the grinding process disappoint you and destroy your hope.

Buying pre-ground coffee is an easy plan, but the taste just isn’t that good. The coffee need to be fresh and it turns stale pretty quickly after being ground, and while this won’t hurt, it will damage the flavor of the coffee.


The Final Verdict

Is Rancilio Silvia espresso machine the best one to buy? Well, that depends on you like it or not. If you are ready to start making espresso as soon as you open the package, it is a great choice since this machine come with all the accessories you need. This is really a good quality one and you can have it  for many parties and events. You are able to supply all the members at your party or event with a good espresso in short time. Is it worth the money? To this question, we should not ignore the fact that this machine is built for more than home use and it is commercial grad espresso machine. Since that, I highly recommend it and this is one of the best in my eye.



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